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Manufacturer: Jan Pietenpauw Email




Material: Wild olive

Mouthpiece: Acetal

Length (A) : 143 mm

Bowl height (B) : 44 mm

Bowl diameter (C) : 36 mm

Chamber depth (D) : 39 mm

Chamber bore (E) : 19 mm cylindrical

Weight: 45.1gram 

Draft-hole: 3.8 mm

Tenon: Army mount

Have you ever thought of trying an alternative to briar, but were somewhat apprehensive? Here is your chance to do so at a price that will not bankrupt you.

For a long time, I have thought of producing a fully handmade pipe at a reasonable cost. It seems that fads and fashions come and go with pipe smokers. Remember the nose-warmers, the Devil Anses and the reverse calabashes? Well, now it seems as if carvers of great fame and repute are trying to produce quality pipes at bargain basement prices.

Far being for me to count myself in such illustrious company, I also find myself without the capital of starting up such a venture and so I kept the price down by using, not only an alternative wood, but also an alternative stem material. Acetal (or Delrin) is often used as a tenon material. It is tough and inert and although it does not polish to the same luster as Ebonite, it has a very similar feel in the mouth and it does not oxidize. Perhaps a hyena would be able to bite through it, but I doubt if you would be able to. As with all good things, it has its downside too. It is not thermo-plastic and thus impossible to bend. But it smokes as good as any other stem material known to man.

I am also considering using other woods and so far my results are very promising, so watch this space ...


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