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"There are just three things to consider in a pipe:


1. does it have a tobacco chamber


2. does it have a draft-hole


3. is it a Pietenpauw?" Jan Pietenpauw
"You are a magician, I am about half way through a bowl of Dark Flake and this is easily the best smoking pipe I own not to mention the best value in the pipe world bar none! "Tyron de Villiers
"I got your order here in the USA just yesterday... It is simply lovely, I got the olive rough-cut octagon with army tenon, it’s the most gorgeous pipe I have every seen or had in my life. Thank you for this magnificent work of art. Thanks for sharing your skill snd and artistry with me. Worth every penny, and feel like I got the better end of the deal anyway."Matt Sauers
…I figure I must have around 40 [Pietenpauws]. I don't smoke more than a small number of them, the rest being purely passion for the man's work. His pipes are unique in that they are simple, honest to goodness, unpretentious and understated masterpieces. [He] is the only carver I know who can with minimum effort and little or no embellishment create a masterpiece almost without trying. The best comparison I can make is that of a really good watercolour, having just enough colour and detail to allow your mind to create the composition for itself. That I believe is why his work appeals to so many… Duncan Nebbe
As you said.....'the briar is as good as it gets!' The flaws on the pipe give it character, and prevent the pipe from shifting around in my hands."
Bill Richards
"Hi Jan,
I received the pipe today, fantastic, I liked it, so beautiful certainly not the last you buy thank you very much for everything.
Gus Martinez: (A Spanish client, using Google Translate)
"Wow! and Wow again!!"Duncan Nebbe
"Jean and Annalie,
Wanted to let you know that I received the Fig in the mail yesterday and I love it. What a wonderful pipe. I am going to begin the breaking in process this evening. This pipe exceeded my expectations and am looking forward to a life long friend.
Annalie, Robin loves the Lady Bug and leaf on the pouch and from what we can tell you must hand make those. Thank you again for all of your help and a wonderful pipe. I will be watching the website for your new creations.
Best Regards"Email from John Clark
"Hello Jean,
This is my first chance to write back - I received the pipe on Friday and it left me speechless! It is gorgeous! It feels so good in the hand. I have smoked it three times over the weekend - all with Virginia blends and it was fantastic. I love the open draw and the twin bore stem, it works like a charm and is very comfortable...
...Very masterfully done, Jean and I will be sure to show all my buddies at the club.
Thank you once again and I will be in touch regarding my next commission!
Happy Smokes"Lou Carbone
" ... I don't have the words, Jean... the pipe is beautiful. I so appreciate you offering it to me, and for what I believe is so much less money than this level of craftsmanship could/should have commanded.
Thank you, sir. I look forward to working with you someday on my next Pietenpauw."James van Hooser
"My Pietenpauw is my best smoker by far. It's already brought new definition from some of my favorite blends. Mine prefers English blends, but the common rallying cry among the JP owners is 'Everything tastes better in a Pietenpauw'."Tom Treweek
"I was 'blown away' when I un-wrapped the Pick-axe! This is one of the most beautiful pipes I have ever seen. I understand why this pipe is on your banner and was considered too beautiful to smoke ... The briar is flawless and your orientation of the bowl shows off the grain to its best advantage."Steven Granoff
"I think like you, a pipe is meant to be smoked, I'm one of the guys that would smoke a $10,000 Nordh pipe everyday......but I'd rather smoke one of yours......seriously good pipes."
Timothy Johnson
"... I've been smoking the heck out of my [other] 3 from JP. I like all of them, but my "Serendipitous Dublin" might just be my favorite pipe out of my entire collection. The "Delightful Belge" is up there, too."Brian Foreman
"I am very impressed with the quality and designs of your pipes. The shapes you crafted are wonderfully balanced and have smooth, flowing lines, which I appreciate. I also enjoy your choice of finishes and shank/stem adornments. Each pipe looks like a work of art and communicates its own unique message. You are a gifted pipe crafter, and I admire your skills."David Peterson owner of The Virtual Smoking Lounge
"Dear Jean, I wanted to let you know that I received the Cherrywood Sitter on Thursday evening. The pipe is absolutely beautiful! Each detail of the design and craftsmanship are stunning and your skill as a pipe maker are evident throughout.
The Spanish briar is quite flawless and the grain is superlative. The sandblasted natural plateau rim really brings out the details of the bird's eye pattern. The stem is perfectly bent and very comfortable. The white ivory band of Wart Hog tusk adds a unique touch to the pipe. The generous 4mm draft hole is expertly bored and a fluffy pipe cleaner easily passes from bit to tobacco chamber. The flowing lines of the stummel and stem are perfectly balanced and the pipe sits solidly on its base. But as the pipe maker, all of this you knew.
However, what you didn't know was how well this particular pipe would smoke. I just finished smoking the first bowl about an hour ago. It was extraordinary! The pipe was light as a feather in my mouth. The draw was smooth and easy, and it stayed lit throughout the bowl. The briar must have been dried and cured very well since it had little or no affect on the taste of the tobacco. It smoked comfortably and cool and was truly a pleasure. The first smoke on this pipe was better than many seasoned smokes on other pipes! This is no small feat!". Email from David Peterson
"I have been looking at your pipes on e-bay and can honestly say you are the only carver that I've liked the looks of EVERY single pipe I've seen. Its hard to find a pipe that a lady looks good smoking." Jennifer Ducat, lady pipe smoker
"Your pipes are under priced, and I believe your pipes, once your name is established, will go for over $400 and up, with quality woods/briar and your outstanding craftsmanship."Richard Hammack
"...I am blown away by the quality of these pipes, and told Jan that he might want to consider quitting his day job...I have paid 3-4 times for pipes that don't measure up to these." Mike Hagley, Senior Member,

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